Want to endorse Drew, or encourage Drew to run?  Contact us at draftdrew2012 [at] gmail [dot] com!  We’re especially looking for quotes from elected officials (current or former), those who hold a position within the Republican Party, those who have a title with a major political organization, and other public figures.

The following individuals have either endorsed Drew Carey for US Senate in Ohio, or have encouraged him to begin actively campaigning for the seat:

Run, Drew, Run!:

Dave Nalle, National Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

“We need every voice for liberty we can get in the US Senate and Drew Carey is a proven spokesman for libertarian ideas with the high profile it would take to win an election and the sense of humor you need to survive the irresponsible antics of the clowns currently inhabiting the Senate. I would love to see him run as a Republican for the Senate in Ohio.”

Lawrence Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

“You gotta do it, Drew! Thanks for all that you do, and will do in the future, for liberty!”

Tanner S. Salyers, Deputy Chairman, Scioto County Ohio Republican Party

“I endorse Drew Carey for U.S. Senate.”

State Sen. Joey Miller (R-ND)

“Carey is a straight shooter. His commitment to liberty is important to debate of the future direction of our nation. I believe his personality and intellect reflect that of a common man’s statesman, committed to freedom, truth and happiness , not personal gain. Candidate Carey would be good for democracy.”


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