Poll: Drew Carey the Most Electable Republican in Ohio

Public Policy Polling has come out with a new poll showing Drew Carey faring as good or better than all the other noteworthy potential candidates for Republican Senate nominee in 2012. 

Carey earns 34% to incumbent Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown’s 49%–the same numbers as Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.  Everyone else trails by larger margins: State Treasurer Josh mandel trails Brown by 16 points, Rep. Steve LaTourette by 18 points, and Rep. Jim Jordan and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor by 19 points.

Carey fares the best among independent voters, trailing Brown by only 15 points, while every other Republican trails anywhere between 18 and 25 points.  Carey also fares the best among moderate voters, of any Republican candidate.

Carey has, by far, the best favorables of any Republican, with 29% favorable and 13% unfavorable ratings (a surplus of +16%).  All other Republicans have favorables surpluses/deficits between +2% to -3%.  Carey is the only Republican candidate to earn a positive favorability rating from independents, from whom he gets a surplus of 11%.  Carey has a huge favorability surplus of +22% with moderates, while the other Republican candidates have favorability surpluses/deficits of +1% to -14%.  Carey is far and away the favorite Republican candidate with both male and female voters as well.

In light of this new scientific polling showing that Drew Carey has the best shot of any major Ohio Republican, we renew our call to Carey to please consider coming home and running for Senate–not just for his own career, but to fight for the freedom we so desperately need!


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