Drew Doesn’t Close the Door on Senate Run

At last! The long wait is over! Drew Carey has finally addressed the Senate draft effort–or, at least, his publicist, Christina Papadopoulos, has. Papadopoulos told Politico’s David Catanese that Drew currently “has no plans to run,” which is what we already all knew. Whether he might make plans at any point in the next year and a half, if presented with a strong display of support from the grassroots, is a possibility that was conspicuously left open.

Update: Drew himself has finally spoken out, telling The Cleveland Leader, “I am not considering a run for the Senate.” We hope we can convince him to begin considering it! The positive mark he could make on the history of Ohio and of America would be far more momentous than a career on gameshows only!

We are still encouraged by Drew’s refusal to categorically rule out a future run and call upon him even more strongly to consider fighting for our individual liberties back here in Ohio. He could easily return to television after a stint of political service, and has nothing to lose but the onerous government regulations he could help to slash in the Senate.


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