Why Drew

The national debt is spiraling out of control.

Our individual freedoms are eroding by the day.

The size and reach of government is outrageous.

There are few individuals who truly understand what is at stake, and even fewer who have what it takes to go to Washington and give a voice to the People.  Drew Carey is one of them.  Drew is one of the great television personalities and comedians of our time, but to Drew, the state of the nation is no joke.

We are Americans who call Ohio home, and are tired of watching helplessly while our state and country are ravaged by reckless and misguided government policies.  We are Americans who agree with Drew that “the answers to all the problems we face as a society won’t come from Washington. They will come from us.”

We are calling upon Drew to go to Washington and help break the shackles of the leviathan, so that we can finally be free as a society to solve the problems we face.

After searching high and low for an acceptable candidate for the US Senate from Ohio in 2012, we found that only Drew has the smarts, the principles, the name recognition, and the popularity to win and to truly represent us in our fight for the only thing we want: our freedom.

We encourage Drew to enter the Republican primary for US Senate, as the best way to truly impact the policy debate.


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